Abstracts Submission

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1. Schedule of Activities

1) Submission deadline: 02/10/2020

2) Evaluation limit: 15/10/2020

3) Deadline for registration fee payment: 20/10/2020

2. Technical Commission – Conference Presentation


Dr. Roger Chammas - ICESP/USP

Dr. Dirce Carraro - AC Camargo

Dr. Clarissa Baldotto - Oncologia D'OR

Dr. Rui Reis - Barretos

Dra. Luisa Lina Villa - FAPESP



Dr. Romualdo Barroso (HSL)

Dr. Tomas Reinert (PUC-RS)

Dr. Andreia Melo (INCA)

Dr. Luiz Henrique Araújo (INCA)

Dr. Vladimir Lima (AC Camargo)

Dr. Martin Bonamino (Fiocruz)

Dr. Tatiana Tilli (Fiocruz)

Dr. Rudinei Link (Sirio)

Dr. José Maurício Mota (ICESP/FMUSP/Oncologia D’Or)

Dr. Leandro Jonata de Carvalho Oliveira


3. Suggested Topics

  • Assimilation of Clinical and Translational Research in Clinical Care
  • Patient selection and recruitment model based on “omics”
  • Tumor classification using "Omics" 
  • Translational Research
  • Design and statistics
  • Integration of data analysis and collection methodology in fundamental and translational research
  • Microenvironment, tumor Heterogeneity and drug resistance
  • Precision Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities to the Advancement of Personalized Medicine
  • Molecular classification of tumors: Predictors, Molecular Response, Tumor Staging and Correlation of Clinical and Molecular Markers
  • Acquired Resistance to Target-therapies and immunotherapy
  • Discovery and development of biomarkers (immunotherapy included)
  • New drugs and the different mechanisms of action
  • Three-dimensional models for biochemical research and cancer treatment
  • Molecular Diagnostics: Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics and Molecular Imaging
  • The future of Molecular Diagnostics
  • Signaling and Molecular Drug target identification therapy
  • Translational therapy and cancer models
  • COVID-19 and cancer
  • Others



- Approved abstracts will be publicizes in a Supplementary Edition of the Brazilian Journal of Oncology once the conference is completed

- The Technical Commission will select the 10 best posters for the oral presentation in English. Recordings will be no more than 5 minutes long.

- The three best submissions will receive a prize from SBOC AWARDS 2020, which will be announced during the event.

4. Submission Procedures

Follow these steps to submit your abstract:

  1. The author of the submission must be registered at the event in order to present. Payment does not need to be made at the time of registration. This may be done once the acceptance of your abstract has been announced. Remaining authors do not need to re-submit abstracts once they have registered.
  2. The author responsible for the submission will be the one to present.
  3. Abstracts may only be submitted through the conference’s website (09/20)
  4. Access restricted areas using your username and password created during registration. You will be access other menus.
  5. Click on the “My Submissions” menu
  6. Follow the instructions on your screen in order to access the abstract submission form. Fill in all the fields in the online form.
  7. Carefully review the information in your form before submitting your abstract. Alterations will not be permitted after the final deadline for abstract submission.

*  The author responsible for submission must fill in the online form in full. All communication regarding the scientific study will be sent exclusively to said author using the registered e-mail and he or she is responsible for disclosing this communication to the co-authors.

  1. Once the submission is finished, click “Log Out”.
  2. Once the abstract has been submitted, the submitting author will receive an automatic e-mail, confirming the registration details. Check if all information is correct. In case there are any mistakes, you must access the restricted area and make the relevant changes (this may not be done after the abstract submission deadline).
  3. If you have not received the automatic e-mail on the same day of your submission, there is a chance the abstract has not been sent correctly. Please contact the HelpDesk informing them of the problem through the following e-mail address: logisticapoa@ccmew.com or over the phone by calling the number 51 30869100.
  4. For returned web access, simply inform your Username and Password. If you have forgotten your password, use the option “Forgotten Password” at the top of the page.

5. Important Information

  • Abstracts should be exclusively in English, which is the event’s official language. Abstracts in any other language or which have been submitted in English but do not follow technical and grammatical language will be refused.
  • The deadline for abstract submission is: 10/02/2020.
  • In order to receive a certificate for your work at the end of the event, the author responsible for the presentation must have participated in the event and not reached the limit of submissions per registration.
  • No more than 3 papers per registered author will be accepted. Those who have reached this limit may be listed as co-authors in their other papers.
  • Up to 10 authors may be included in each abstract. The order of authors’ names is at your discretion.
  • IMPORTANT: The presenter must include their own name, which must be in bold.
  • The results of submissions will be disclosed in the author’s restricted area, in the “My Submissions” menu, on 10/15/2020.
  • Once submissions have been approved, the author responsible for it must pay for registration by 10/20/2020. Submissions must be presented by the person nominated at the time of registration. If that isn’t possible, another author may present it as long as they have been registered in the event and have paid a registration fee.
  • Abstracts will only be accepted if sent through the conference’s website.
  • There will only be 01 (one) certificate per submission. Authors’ names will be printed in the certificates according to the order in which they were registered.
  • Caution: all material produced regarding abstracts (annals, certificates, and others) will based to the information submitted by the author. It is therefore not possible to make changes to the title, summaries or authors once the submission deadline has passed. We stress that any information provided is entirely the responsibility of the author who submits the abstract. Names which are spelled incompletely (for example due to abbreviations or omission of one or more surnames) will not be changed and will be included in the official program and certificate as informed by the principal author at the time of registration.
  • Fee discounts will be according to the figures in the table ‘Registration Fees’ from the event’s website, regardless of the date in which submissions have been approved. The only way of guaranteeing discounted fees is by following the dates in the table. Registration fees will not be refunded in the event of author withdrawal or if the Conference does not take place.
  • The principal author may choose the format of presentation of their work. However, the Scientific Commission reserves the right to change this format following internal decision criteria;
  • The evaluation commission’s final decision is supreme, irrevocable, unappealable and will not be subject to review. Abstracts which are not accepted for oral presentation may be presented via poster and authors will be informed of such decisions.
  • By making a submission, authors commit to following the legislation and ethical standards of human and animal research, which includes approval by the Ethical Research Committee and the Clinical Ethics in Animal Research.
  • The Scientific Commission reserves the right to refuse abstracts without giving justification;
  • Once an abstract has been submitted, the author makes a commitment to present during the event, provided the abstract is accepted.
  • The organizational Committee and the Technical Committee are not responsible for digital poster content, neither are they responsible for costs incurred due to transportation, accommodation, or any other costs related to attendance and presentation, all of which are of the author’s responsibility.


6. Abstract Preparation Instructions

  • Titles must be concise and reflect the research being presented.
  • Abstracts must not be any longer than 2,500 characters (excluding title and authorship/affiliation), including spaces, title should not exceed 250 characters.
  • The abstract must be typed in a single body of text, and the following format is suggested: Introduction, Aim, Methodology, Results and Conclusion.
  • Only exceptional clinical cases will be accepted. Exceptional cases are those which are genuinely rare, original and are of great relevancy to the community. These must be structured as such: Presentation of the Case, Discussions and Final Comments. Literature reviews will not be accepted.
  • The body of abstract must not contain any mention of the Institution or Institutions in which the research has taken place, nor the name of the authors, as those must only be included in the Poster.
  • Graphs or tables will not be allowed in the submission of abstracts. It is encouraged that such resources are included in Posters.
  • Bibliographic referencing may not be included in the electronic submission. It is suggested that authors refrain from using abbreviations.
  • Results based on claims that “results will be presented” or “data will be analyzed” will not be considered. Results must be presented in a clear and transparent way and conclusions must be based exclusively on the data presented. Authors must therefore present preliminary results if research is still being carried out, for example. Equally, abstracts where results of a single study are distributed amongst a number of abstracts will not be accepted.
  • Commercial names will not be permitted. Drug names will be allowed in lower case.

- Do not forget to include the author’s e-mail address on your Poster.

7. Oral Presentation

The 10 most highly evaluated submissions will be presented orally during the conference’s scientific portion of the program. It is imperative that talks are presented in the format of a 5-minute recording which will be done by the event’s organizers.

More information on how talks will be presented will be sent to the selected authors once evaluation has been completed.

In case the author is not able to present, any of the other previously registered authors may take his or her place.

8. Awards

Abstracts selected for Oral Sessions will be evaluated by Scientific Committee during presentation and the top 3 best presentations will be awarded Complimentary registration for SBOC Congress 2021 and will be announced after the meeting through SBOC social media

9. Publication

All approved submissions will be published on the Conference’s website and in a special section of the Brazilian Journal of Oncology.

10. Certificates

Once the Conference has finished the principal author responsible for submission on the website will be awarded an online certificate. To print it or download it, you must access “Certificates” on the website, which can be found on the conference’s home page, using the registered e-mail address and fill in a “Satisfaction Survey”.


Important: certificates will not be sent directly to your e-mail.


  • Only 01 (one) certificate per submission will be awarded. Certificates will follow the order in which authors have been registered.
  • At least one of the authors must be registered and participate in the event in order for a certificate to be awarded.
  • In the event that the author responsible for the submission of the abstract hasn’t participated in the event, then one of the co-authors (who has participated and presented) may request that the certificate be transferred to them through “Contact Us” on the conference’s website.
  • The maximum number of submissions per registered authors must be adhered to.



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